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An umbrella company is a business that employs professional contractors carrying out short-term assignments for recruitment agencies and / or end clients. When you are working for an agency, you may be given the choice to be paid either directly by them or be given an enhanced rate, which is the rate that an agency would PAY to Global Pay Solutions. This higher rate includes a number of costs associated with your engagement, such as holiday pay. If you choose to be paid through Global Pay Solutions, we will make the appropriate deductions from the agency income received and calculate your pay for you. The deductions we make include Your national insurance contributions, tax and our fee.

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Is this the right option for me?

An umbrella service could well be the best option if you:

  • want one employer whilst you are contracting
  • want a quick and easy payroll service
  • want access to a pension plan
  • want to build up an employment record for the purpose of mortgage applications
  • want the benefit of continuous employment, without setting up a limited company.

Changes to Travel and Subsistence Expenses

The HMRC has announced changes to the way Umbrella Employees claim expenses. These changes restrict Umbrella Employees from claiming tax relief on travel expenses if you are subject to the supervision, direction or control (SDC) of the agency or end client. If this is the case when performing your services, then you will no longer be able to claim travel expenses.

Looking to move from an Umbrella Company to a limited company

If you’re currently working through an Umbrella Company but want the benefits of running your own Limited Company, then look no further; we can help! Find out more.

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