Outsourcing Payroll

Fantastic personal service, nothing was too much trouble

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GPS provide bespoke payroll options which you can adjust to the requirements of your business. With businesses needing to watch their overheads the requirement for outsourcing payroll is becoming a more resourceful option, we understand that your staff are the foundation of your business and need to be paid on time, without exception.

We understand that outsourcing your payroll is a delicate business exercise, far beyond just a financial choice. We value being able to supply precise and customised solutions which are user friendly and great value

By GPS managing your payroll you can take away the anxiety, time and the expense of maintaining payroll in-house. We act as your finance department. We create and manage your payroll requirements, whilst you spend your time running your business. Our commitment insures consistency with regular payments to all your employees, without fail.

Fantastic personal service, nothing was too much trouble

View our Reviews

Why you should let GPS provide your payroll service

Reduce expenditure on staffing costs, financing training programs, IT equipment and office space.

Our payroll software is constantly updated, with changes in taxation and other relevant legalisation our software is second to none . Our expertise means you know longer need this as an in-house resource. We produce and submit your end of year figures to HMRC, reducing the risk of any issues that late submissions could cause.

All your data is held in a secure server off-site.

Punctual payment to employee’s is guaranteed.

Outsourcing your payroll to GPS removes the cost of staffing a payroll Department in house.

GPS can create bespoke reports when you require them.

Moving your payroll to GPS

The payroll software installation, starting expenses and schedule instalments are included in the fee.

Comprehensive support is provided to make a smooth transition from your previous payroll system to GPS.

Initial Costs for the new Payment software installation and monthly service charges are included in the fee.

How GPS manage your payroll requirement

Your payroll Department will be replaced by GPS, we will manage all your agreed schedules and employee wage payments.

GPS will liaise with HMRC with submission of real-time information data (RTI) and end of year figures.

GPS will insure all deductions are paid to HMRC on time.

GPS will ensure that amendments and tax code changes are adjusted on the payroll system as and when they happen. Payroll data will be added and kept up-to-date

Check the payroll output for accuracy and verify accordingly

Supply Payslips and create reports when required.

Create the BACS transfer for payments and verify that it is processed correctly.

GPS will liaise with your payroll contact ensuring a smooth and professional service.

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